Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Middle East - make it work.

People in the middle east are fighting for their way of life. There is so much pride, so much anger. They view their way of life as correct, just as the western world claims their view of the world is correct. Who is to say they're wrong? The only time it becomes wrong is when they take their ideologies and try to impose it upon other societies. But honestly, what can we say to them? What can we DO? No one has tried just listening, instead of wheeling and dealing and trying to gain something. Get to the root of the problem - why all this anger? And when you find out, don't build a wall like in Palestine. They will blow it up. Understand your fellow man for a change. And don't go to the middle east, talk to a few people, and say you have made progress, Obama. That is arrogant. You need to take the time to LISTEN to everything. Don't bomb them, and don't pass them off. LISTEN. They have much to say. All they want is an audience.

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