Saturday, October 27, 2007

First Blog Post

So yay. Here's my first blog post. I'm Shantini, I like to talk. I love violas, winter, music, rain, reading, and being an overall dork.

Recently, my newest obsession has been with getting into college. I know I can get into a lot of places, but it's not the many that I care about. It's the few where I have very little chance of getting in.

One in particular - MIT.

I've wanted to go there, no joke, since I was five. Why? Because I've never been able to find people who love learning as much as I do. It's a very lonely place to be. I've managed to find a group of amazing friends who have a lot in common with me, but for once, I need to be somewhere where people understand exactly why I'll wake up at 3 AM just because I had a great idea of how to solve a math problem, and need to write it down.

So, MIT is my dream school. Isn't that what MIT is all about? Learning for the sake of learning, and applying it to the real world? Well that's the place for me.

One problem though - the SAT.

I never got along well with standardized tests. And now it's come back to bite me.

Ah well. Who knows? Maybe I have something else that can compensate for sucky scores and a less-than-4.5 (who gets that?) GPA.

I certainly hope so.


Anonymous said...

thats so similar to my situation...I really want to go to really...But my SATs


Shantini said...

lol so do mine. but i wouldn't worry about that.

Noelle said...

Interesting intro. I wonder how many of us* are in the same boat. I found your blog from a MIT Admissions blog link, hope you don't mind me following your journey also...

*referring to those on the quest of knowledge and to MIT!